2016 Wild & Scenic Art Exhibition Winners

Wild and Scenic Film Festival Art Exhibition

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival Art Exhibition celebrated its 5th year under the direction of the Nevada County Arts Council (NCArts).  This year, to further enhance the festival experience for patrons and artists, work was exhibited in twelve of the highest quality Exhibition Venues and Galleries around Grass Valley and Nevada City.

Under this year’s Wild & Scenic theme of A Change of Course, artists submitted works in three categories, and judges awarded prizes to the top submissions in each category, as well as a prize for the Best Interpretation of Theme.  Additionally, there was a special, separately-judged Student Category this year for artists aged 19 and below.

Judges for this year’s Exhibition include artist/educator Donn Harris, Chairperson of the California Arts Council; Linda Rachmel – artist, activist, health practitioner, and producer of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival; and James Q Martin – award-winning filmmaker and photographer from Flagstaff, Arizona.

2016 Categories and Winners

Marya Lehman – “Fresh Tracks” (Pencil)

Artist statement: “An unforgettable day in the Sierra back country just after the clearing of a storm.”

Peggy Wright – “Urban Basket”

Artist statement: “Reclaimed/repurposed Harley Davidson motor and grapevine. The idea is nature reclaiming our waste.”

Chris Hawkins – “River Sage”

Artist statement: “My photos are inspired by the source of the beauty of the Yuba River – its magnificent bones and infinite memory intact in the granite that tells the story of the ages, and of our ancestors. I started photographing these beauties while swimming, and the shots are very personal and up close….”

Jurors Award:
Mieke Blees – “Leshi 1” (charcoal and pastel)

Artist statement: “This work shows a very organic, natural world. It is not a ‘realistic’ picture, but more of an individual experience of sensations mingling with a landscape. For me it has much to do with a shift of perception, where the individual human experience becomes part of nature….”

Best of Theme:
LeeAnn Brook – “Tipping Point” (acrylic/collage)

Artist statement: “A painting inspired by rugged canyons and coast of the West. The painting is a combination of hand-created collage papers and acrylic paint on canvas, giving a dimensional viewpoint from a distance, as well as up close.”

Student Award

First Prize: Romain Telles – “Roots and Branches”

Artist statement: “Roots and Brances is a stoneware jar decorated with deeply carven, primitive images of trees. A love of nature inspired this piece.”

Second Prize: Eliza Cohen – “Clouds Rolling In” (acrylic on wood)

Artist statement: A change in the weather often brings on a different emotional state. A landscape’s light can change within minutes from subtle to intense, or a combination of both…. In this painting I tried to convey the quiet before the storm.” 




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