SummerFEST Featured Artists

Join in the fun in our Featured Artist’s project and enter to win a free art piece!

Attendees at SummerFest Arts (concerts and Free Art Fair) are all eligible for a chance to win a featured art work of their choice!  Upon entering Gate 1, stop by the Featured Art Work Display immediately to the right.  Fill out the free entry ticket (limit of 1 entry per person per day), and deposit it in the container next to the art work you would like to win.  All works are valued at over $100!  You’ll also want to stop by the Featured Artists’ Booths (designated on the program with a “Featured” next to their names).  Art Book drawings daily; drawings for all other works held on Sunday between 12:30 and 1:30 pm.

Gil Lipson 72
GAIL LIPSON: Yuba Rocks • Photo

Jane Theobold 72
JANE THEOBALD: Brooch pin. Silver trees inlaid in ebony on front. Howling coyote pierced out of silver on back.

Jennifer Rugge 72
JENNIFER RUGGE: Forest Wonder • Mixed media (acrylic, fibric) framed.

Jerry Murphy 72
JERRY MURPHY: Bridge Over the South Yuba.

Katie Wolff 72

Ron Kenedi 72
RON KENEDI: Billie Holiday

leeann's book 450

LeeAnn Brook – “Points of Inspiration” book

Kathy Wronski

Kathy Wronski: “Don’t Ask”

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