Image Nation is an art program in collaboration with the Nevada County Arts Council and Welcome Home Vets that draws together veterans and the community through photography. The program is based on the belief that an integral element for the successful and healthy return of a veteran is the opportunity, when ready, to explore and share his or her story to a listening community. Image Nation allows participating veterans to tell their stories to a large audience through the unique and powerful visual medium of photography.


Led by award-winning and renowned photographer, Michael Llewellen, participants attended classes and workshops, and then were sent out on assignment to document their world-views through the camera’s eye. Check out the interesting information and bios on each of the participants on Michael Llewellyn’s website at, or by clicking here.


The culmination of the project is an exhibition at the Nevada County Rood Government Center that kicks off on June 3, 2016, and will be on display through the month of June.